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Default Re: Official 3DMark 11 Thread

Originally Posted by Moshing View Post
Just as an interesting observation if I may, it looks like generally, in 3Dmark11, there's a pattern for scoring that can be somewhat followed.

As long as one is using any higher end, 4Ghz+ Intel Core i7 (first or second gen), then one can follow this pattern pretty closely.

Every GTX 580 added is worth ~5000 points.
Every HD6970 added is worth ~4500 points.

Both seem to scale nearly linearly, so add 2 GTX 580 = ~10k, while 2 6970 fall in the 9K range. 3 GTX 580 =15K, and so on. Excessive overclocking can push scores up to nearly 20K with 3 GTX 580's and a crazy clocked i7.
Are you talking about total score or just graphics score? Because the total score can vary widely due to faster cpus in the physics benchmarks.
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