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Default Re: Recommendation for Video editing/Gaming PC

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
to the guy above me complaining about CAP drivers...i think ure just pulling pointless garbage...most of these games nvidia have their amazing logo stuck to it...ati doesn't even get a chance to play with the game/optimze the drivers...and the ati drivers have been top notch for me...yea they have some minor issues...but so does nvidia...i've been out of the nvidia bus for awhile now...but they release drivers left and right...and it was just quality over quantity.....i do how eva agree that ati drivers need to step up because the hardware it self is quality and the drivers are letting them down...but for me...personally i have not had much issues with the drivers...i just wish there was ATi logo in games instead of nvidia and more ati features....maybe next dx can help unify the features...
This is all, of course, my personal experience. So take it as you will. Don't let it sway your purchase, avesta. But K007 pretty much said the same thing.

When ATi gets the drivers right, they're fine. It's not about what company sleeps with the developers to ensure their hardware works with an application. It's the overall compatibility. Big difference there.

You can sit there and not have to update NVIDIA drivers for ages and be contempt. New application or game comes out and you'll most likely not have to worry about it. With ATi, you're waiting for the compatibility. They have awesome hardware and image quality, but its the drivers that are holding them back.

What's broken in one driver set gets resolved in the next release, only to come back in the release after that again. Then that bug gets put on the back burner for ages. That's what pisses me off. I couldn't keep track of how many times OpenGL was broken in CS5 since the 10.4 driver release until now. At least on my NVIDIA rig (that's MUCH slower and used part of a render farm), has been doing just fine for 6+ months now without a driver incompatibility. I don't have half the issues most people report, but when I do get them, it really, really takes a lot of patience to mess with a fix.

I know Terry Makedon stepped down from the Catalyst role back in December, and Andrew has replaced him. He's doing a great job, but they really need to work on their drivers. It's really disheartening when they can't stay consistent. But, they're releasing yet another hotfix driver (11.5 RC3) for single GPUs and performance issues with Brink, tomorrow. I don't play it, but that's awesome. They're getting there slowly but surely.
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