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Default Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Its out from and Steam is now preloading (17GB on steam)

If your from AUS and you want the US version (Uncensored) then buy it from, set your country to US and you will get the $49USD price tag along with the uncensored copy.


There is 50+ Steam Achievements

There is a day1 patch that fixes a lot of the bugs

Patch 1 has been released to the game's automatic updater, and it brings a number of bug fixes and changes. Full list can be found below:

Several major balance fixes (economy and fight)
On screen fixes (items descriptions, journal etc)
Audio mix fixes
Several audio areas, music, cutscene fixes and added better sounds
Many UI fixes (functional, smoother and more user friendly ex. inventory items selection)
Many fixes to quests, quests markers
Visual fixes to fade outs, blackscreens in scenes, cutscenes
Many community fixes - work, npc’s life
Big opponents fights balance and fixes
Many cutscenes fixes - animations, items, lipsync
Gamepad fixes - playing gamepad is now much better
Camera fixes - collisions with objects, collisions with npc’s, combat camera improvements
Some hair physics fixes
Minor QTE fixes
Several locations fixes - objects collisions, environments improvements, lights, effects
Crafting, shops, alchemy improvements
Added new autosaves in important places
Some random crashes fixes
Dice poker improvements - logic bugs fixes
The update will be downloaded automatically when players fire up the game tomorrow on Windows PC.

ATI Users, grab the new drivers 11.5RC3 (Dated May 16)

Let the games begin!!

Also for lol's

BioWareEA Employee gives Witcher 2 a user 0/10 on metacritic
Saw this thread in the BioWare forums and might as well share it with the Witcher 2 fans here

I hope we've not forgotten this guy

Him giving DA2 a 10/10, while Witcher 2 a user score of 0/10.

I know everyones entitled to his/her own opinion, but this, he's like having some kind of personal vendetta regarding to happened on DA2 - his profile and review
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