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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

This game will kill your FPS if you want to max it out entirely. Ubersampling is the setting that will make your machine hold on to its ankles.

about Ubersampling:
"As you'd expect, it's a high end option: "The whole scene is rendered multiple times to give best possible texture and object details and antialiasing (better than antialias and anisotropy even on highest settings)." The developer says this is intended only for those with both the best possible CPU and GPU available now (X4 980 / i7 980X and 6990 / 590).

Aside from that, count on options for textures, shadows, lighting, LOD, bloom, anti-aliasing, blur, depth of field, "vignette" (a strictly aesthetic effect), rain, SSAO, motion blur, animation, decals, and vertical sync. Keep in mind, this is just the short version."
Gives me another good reason to upgrade to the GTX 590, especially since a new revision was released.
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