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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Even when the VRM issue is resolved, i still wouldn't buy a GTX590 for 2 reasons

1: It's power use is excessive and well beyond the PCI-e limit of 300 watts even at stock clocks, so it isn't a PCI-e certified card.

2: The cooling is still going to be problematic when there's 365 watts TDP to dissipate(at stock clocks of course) and using a stock air cooler can only do so much no matter how well designed it is, or the power protection circuitry works or the application detection within the drivers to throttle down the cards( furmark anyone).

I'd do the same thing i did to these GTX580's:

And at 900/1800/2200mhz clocks, wich is way above what the GTX590 ships at, the load temperatures don't even hit 65*C with water cooling....It's in a league of it's own basically, and i think they should have marketed the GTX590 with a built in water block exclusively, as it'll take pretty high end setups to use these 700$ cards effectively and users with disposable income for such luxuries.
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