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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

The game is awesome..until.. the dragon. I have just come here to say that this part is complete BULLSHT! You pretty much fckd if you get burned by the dragon.. the one you cant track above you.

The same people who designed al'akir in cataclysm must have designed this fight.

So I passed the dragon by being a pussy, stayed behind everyone and just used fire and mind control. I still got flamed once, stupid dragon.

So later on in the monastery, Ok, I'm all for a good fight.. but wtf am I supposed to do on a 1 vs 6 fight?

Seriously unless this game was designed to be the most boring fighting game on earth where you do nothing but take a quick jab and then run around like a chicken, your pretty much better off on easy mode. The controls themselves are fine... with the only bad thing is your player changes targets to easy. It is hard to focus on one target unless you forcefully lock your target down with another button.

Also reloading saved games is to slow considering all the data is still in memory. Pretty awesome 3d engine though otherwise.
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