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Default Re: Official 3DMark 11 Thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
The only one where it's really close is graphics test 2(2 Fps difference), the other 3 graphics tests are 7 to 12 Fps higher average for me....The physics run is 15 Fps higher for me too ,and the combined test is 12 Fps higher as well...

kinda loose interpretation of barely higher isn't , and your CPU is running 500 Mhz higher than my pair to boot, and only the physics and combined tests are using all 12 cores in my setup....The first 4 test don't...
Are you sure the memory isn't overclocked too high? Your score should still be higher... You will never know if you go too high on DDR5 as it has ECC. It will just hurt performance and still be stable.

EDIT: If it makes you happy here is my 4ghz run. Same exact fps so you can't pull the clock speed card this time.
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