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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
The 11W and 15W differences you linked are pretty irrelevant given the power consumption of these cards. No one will be saying,"I'm environmentally conscious, so I use a 350W 6990 instead of a 365W 590!". (at least no one who doesn't want to look foolish)

The only factor that matters in the power/heat/noise category is noise, because it's the only metric with a significant difference. (most reviews I saw had the 6990 50-100% louder)

That's not so much the point i was making though....It's mostly that it wasn't that long ago where if a card used more than 200 watts and was a power hog and didn't perform well and was noisy and ran hot,it was considered a failure basically for not taking the speed crown.....One that comes to mind is ATI's X2900XT wich didn't live up to the hype.

Here we have cards using 350 watts +, do run hot and can be very noisy, but their performance is great in either case, yet that 50% + power consumption is now somehow acceptable?...It's that moving goalpost attitude that having great performance justifies all the other drawbacks that come with it, be it increased power consumption, or heat or noise.

Where you do draw the line though?.....The current cards already exceed the 300 watt limit of the PCI-e express specification quite easily afterall, so will users accept even higher power use from next years cards if it doubles performance over what we have now?
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