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Default Re: Recommendation for Video editing/Gaming PC

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
cuda is way more popular when it comes to video editing, u can see a lot of compression programs have the cuda check box to use...i personally don't have any experience with might be alot faster...but i noticed ure going for the z68 series mobo...don't those have some special intel thing to help with video compression?
I'm not sure.
Can someone clarify this?

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
For video compression, forget CUDA and go with intel conversion engine inside the new core processor (definitly present in the i5 2500K). The Z68 should let you use it while using an external vid-card too.

It's both faster and better quality.
I don't quite understand. Can you elaborate?
What advantages does this give exactly?

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
If you have quality videos I don't know of a program that will utilize CUDA. You'd want to encode to x.264 so it's going to be dependent on the processor. A Sandy Bridge 2600K would be a better buy IMO since it has higher clock speeds. That would mean a different board and memory setup though.
Well, I'm not a hardcore professional, so I don't know if upgrading the processor is worth it for me. The 2500 is still plenty fast right?
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