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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
It's mostly about reaching thermal limits while keeping it quiet really, and Air coolers can only go so far, then it's the issue of the amount of heat that gets released into the case, and while i know people can add more fans to improve the air circulation inside the case, it can also make it sound very noisy each time you turn it on....

For ****s and giggles, let's assume that next years high end single GPU card is twice as fast as a GTX580, but it also uses close to 300 watts(it's still PCI-e compliant), so put 3~4 of those in SLI and you got 900~1200 watts of power being pulled out of your power supply just for graphics, and that's before the user even overclocks the cards....

Keep in mind that i'm not even considering the requirements for the CPU's or how much they use when they're overclocked too, and that the majority of homes use 15 amp circuit breakers wich at 120 volts, means the outlet where the PC is plugged into delivers up to 1800 watts before the breaker pops open, or that power supplies are at most 85~90% efficient in converting that into DC power...

Taking a longer term view at this, i can imagine that if power consumption on video cards keeps going up like this, 3 and 4 way SLI or crossfire setups become impossible in practical terms within a couple of years....The total power requirements and heat/noise issues and strong enough power supplies and even the wiring in your house itself, might very well kill those kinds of extreme setups, with users being limited to 2 card setups at most for practical real world reasons ....
If you're really that worried about performance/watt you should own ATI cards as they have had the best performance/watt for a while.

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