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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Yeah, if you own a 6990, 590, or any other multi gpu configuration you have no room to whine about power consumption. Especially is you have a multi socket system that you use to run benchmarks on all day and then flop your e-peen around on forums.

True, but we're talking about the end of the multi GPU era using the highest end video cards regardless of brand you pick, unless rather drastic mesures are taken on the end users part, such as:

1: Water cooling the cards becomes mandatory, not optional for both thermals and overall noise levels....Forget about air cooling and silence as it isn't going to happen.

2: A double wide PC cube case is used, such as a mountain mods extended ascension, little dragon V8 or danger den models, wich have the room for more radiators, but the other advantage is that they can also be configured to handle 2 power supplies, and the user then plugs each power supply in a diferent outlet that's controled by a different breaker, so there's more power available for the PC.

I had a little surprise with my last PC setup, wich consisted of a single Intel 980x clocked at 4.5 Ghz, the 3 GTX580's i had now and 12 GB of ram in that i had left the system running and can't really remember what it was doing, and needed to vacuum the living room carpet...

Now i used a small portable vacuum cleaner and plugged into an outlet that without me knowing it then, was controled by the same breaker that controls the outlet the PC is plugged into....You can imagine my surprise when in the middle of vacuuming, both the PC and vacuum shut down at the same time wouldn't restart at all and it turns out that the breaker had popped open...

Now that my current setup uses even more power, i have to use an outlet controled by a seperate breaker when vacuuming, and if video cards keep using ever more power, even though they'll deliver a lot more performance in the process compared to the current high end, more people who use such high end setups will be in this situation in a couple of years....Doesn't matter if you pick ATI on Nvidia really.
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