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Default Re: iZ3D monitor in linux?

I think stereo 3D is getting really common now and it is really a shame, that nVidia is not able (not willing) to support this in Linux.

Until now, I always bought nVidia graphics cards starting with a RivaTNT, and GeForce 256, 6800 GTX and 8800 GTX later on.

It is a shame that nVidia is artificially crippling the prosumer graphics cards' stereo 3D capabilities and its double precision GPGPU performance. Heck, I can't even watch stereo 3D movies with a 600 nVidia GeForce GTX590 - on Linux.

I was always positive about nVidia and its compatibility with Linux. Therefore, I never bought ATI or AMD graphics cards before, but I really think I will switch. At least they do not cripple the double precision GPGPU performance as nVidia does.

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drmah (a former nVidia zealot - and now totally sick of it)
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