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Default Re: Nvidia support for Xen

Originally Posted by Armedblade View Post
you could try what I posted:

"I load the uvesafb module ahead of doing a startx as this works around loss of video when switching to virtual terminal or after exiting Xorg."
I checked the /var/log/messages to see whether there were any messages loading uvesafb. Actually, there were error messages

May 19 17:24:31 xen kernel: [ 33.953191] uvesafb: failed to execute /sbin/v86d
May 19 17:24:31 xen kernel: [ 33.953193] uvesafb: make sure that the v86d helper is installed and executable
May 19 17:24:31 xen kernel: [ 33.953196] uvesafb: Getting VBE info block failed (eax=0x4f00, err=-2)
May 19 17:24:31 xen kernel: [ 33.953198] uvesafb: vbe_init() failed with -22
May 19 17:24:31 xen kernel: [ 33.953203] uvesafb: probe of uvesafb.0 failed with error -22

Obviously, v86d is not available. And maybe this is the reason why loading the uvesafb module does not help to make the ttys 1 to 6 visible after starting X11 with the nvidia module and the Xen kernel.

Unfortunately, there is no v86d RPM for Opensuse 11.4, which I could install. Did anybody try to compile v86d for Opensuse 11.4 and the xen-kernel?
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