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Default Re: FX2800M - driver 260.19.44 - adaptive clocking not working

Some update on the problem:

Dell has checked my system in its German lab very extensively and confirmed that there is a real problem. To verify it they even took my harddisk with my linux installation and built it into another M6500 with an FX3800M and another LCD screen. Adaptive clocking worked with that system as expected and at once. So the linux/nvidia configuration was quite OK.

However, not with my system. After some more experiments they found out that a replacement of my FX2800M with a FX3800M did not resolve the problem. A change of the mainboard did not help either.

Actually, it seems to be the combination of the screen i my M6500 with the Nvidia mobile cards that causes the trouble regarding adaptive clocking. It is a high resolution white LED panel, which optically is a really brilliant panel in my opinion - the best I have seen in a laptop ! The other M6500 test system which worked correctly with my Linux/nvidia setup had a different and minor screen than my system.

Probably, Dell has got into contact with Nvidia and the panel supplier, meanwhile.

I find it very surprising that the combination of the graphics card with a special LED panel should stop adaptive clocking. What in the present drivers could cause such a behavior ?
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