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Default Re: Desktop freeze with 270.x drivers, KDE 4 and Compiz

workaround for debian wheezy wasn't so easy.
First of all i'd to downgrade xserver to 1.7-7.13 (to be able to downgrade nvidia to 260.19.44. it needs xserver-xorg-core <1.7.7).

I've add 3 repos (1 for nvidia, 2 xorg, 3 just in case for nvidia-common) from It was probalby those 3:
deb testing main
deb sid non-free
deb sid contrib
and turned off other debian repos

then there's a time problem with refreshing that repos. Refresh needs to be done like that:
sudo aptitude -o 'Acquire::Check-Valid-Until=false' update
after that i've deleted all nvidia-* libglx-whatever libgl1-something, and all xserver-xorg packages.

after installation (from snapshot repos) xserver-xorg and nvidia drivers there still was error with mismatch nvidia with nvidia kernel module.
sudo modeprobe -r nvidia
finnaly finished my war with nvidia drivers
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