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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

ok, I'm having some fun just running through the campaign, but theres still alot of, well, crap in the game, and most none online rpg's seem to fail in this.

#1 a questing system that is easy to follow and easy to navigate. tell me if I am, in the area to complete said quest! And for christe sake if I am about to LEAVE an area and it will cause me to fail a quest, prompt me first.

#2. Outer lying zones being linier. The best thing about mmos, everquest, wow, is they made it seem like you could run anywhere any time any day. You could just run in all directions and you wold run over huts, other roads, encampments, lakes, ect. GET RID OF THIS SPIDERY PATH BS. If I cant jump the fence and slide down the small hill, you had better give me a good reason or I am docking you points!

#3 no jump button... see above. Getting stuck on pebbels has never been so stupid.

#4 crappy gear. Why am I 4 hours into the game and my gear has only cycled like twice? in WoW I would be in greens and gone through at least 4 sets. I also would have had my CHOICE in gear to get. not random drops. This has actually been a problem in many MMOs too, generally once you've killed everything at least once, theres not much reason to keep playing unless there is loot to obtain still.

#5 trade skills. 5 years and WoW is still the only one to get it right the first time? Just give me a clear cut window, vendors, recipes I can right click to learn. I have no idea how the tailoring works in the game.
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