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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by Greedo View Post
sidric, sometimes i'm killing people with only 2 or 3 hits, using some sort of power move. problem is, i'm still doing it on accident... have you figured out the trick to the quick kills?

swiff reply if u pls.
left-clicking does a quick, light damage attack while right-clicking does just the opposite. you have to learn to time your attacks properly so there are no pauses in between (just like witcher 1).

as for 1-shot kills, you just have to get a stun to successfully proc off an enemy. the arda sign can do that, as well as samum bombs (those are the ones I know of, so far). once their stunned, just attack them (left or right click, doesn't matter) and their done.

knowing how to use the targeting system helps too. alt locks onto a target so you're not accidentally jumping around attacking different targets.

use dodge a lot. parry only when necessary (completely surrounded, for example) or when you're vs. one enemy.

there's probably more, but I need to sleep. have fun and good luck
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