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Default Re: Is it a risk or not?

Originally Posted by italy2010 View Post
I can not understand anything that did not answer me anyone my question just personal efforts and some fun and no one has evidence pointing to the seriousness of the router or does not refer to the seriousness of that does not have a person in nvnews. Net can my answer in a society that is your are using a router and some uses three routers is not known Is it a risk or not?
Is the gun is a threat or not? We all know that it is useful in some situations if the thief to enter your home, but it does not mean it is not dangerous if one occurred, however, your children !!!!!!
Please, please, which can not be estimated a serious topic is not fun it is better to say I do not know the answer that best answers that he does not know the correct answer and thanked with appreciation to you.
Understand router you three cancer society you love. Evidence does not mean refer gun VERY DANGEROUS YOU WILL DIE risk society answers of answers of answers of benchmarks quad sli a nvnews risk society 3 italy! person! Effort fun seriousness question, children? Love you I, router nvnews fun understand
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