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Default Re: nvidia card for free??

Originally posted by jmboris
hi non windows users !!!!

i write this post because i am very angry with NVIDIA, they dont support linux but when i go to a store to buy an nvidia card its free for me?????
the answer is NOT ,its the same price for linux and windows but we are always "praying for drivers support".
we are always praying , they have to listen to linux users, we are paying money for your cards!!!!!! so give service!!!

I want to ask to anybody of NVIDIA corp, my money has the same value of a windows user??????

answer (choose) :

a)YES, -----> then give linux suppport, im paying for that.
b )NOT------>so , i will buy anther card, and you know what you can do whith your cards
sorry you are upset with the nvidia linux support... i think that they are better than most companies tho... atleast they have released some drivers and havent stood in the way of reverse engineered ones (ah-la forcedeth)... guess i have been using linux for about 10 years now (1993 seams right.... ) and support from businesses has gotten quite a bit better since then... then you couldnt even get drivers. i agree that my money should be as valuable as a windows users, but i realize that the fact of the matter is that nvidia and other companies see linux as a "fringe" OS and are not willing to put the money in to developing and supporting drivers. i am happy that atleast something exists... considering there are some hardware manufacturers out there that go out of there way to make sure no linux drivers exist or will ever exist.
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