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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

Originally Posted by sparvu View Post
Quadro 4000 seems have Performance Level 0,1,2.
Yep, correct I have seen the card is switches to a higher performance level
after adding a second monitor. I will try to add the third one to see the effect.

I dont know how can I alter GPU clock using nvidia-settings ...
My card:

Graphics Processor: Quadro 4000
CUDA Cores: 256
VBIOS Version:
Memory: 2048 MB
Memory Interface: 256-bit

When I have two displays in use it seems my card uses Performance Level 1:

Graphics Clock: 405 MHz
Memory Clock: 1404 MHz
Process Clock: 810 MHz

Anyone any ideas does NVIDIA support or offer any kind of tool to upgrade card's BIOS version ?

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