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Default GT 430/520 or GTX 560 Ti?

I know they're entirely different cards, but I doubt the 430 will be good enough for the occasional gaming I want to do.*
I know about the 520, but by all accounts it's actually weaker than the 430 for gaming, & no better when it come to VA.
It is however a fair bit more power efficient....
The 560 would be just a power efficient as the 430, when only being used for VA right?

Finally, despite being lower power, cards like the 430** don't seem to be available in truly single-slot form-factors, even w/after-market air or water cooling solutions!
That was the last time I checked, admittedly it has been a few months now...

I'd prefer a single-slot WC solution over a single-slot air cooling one, but it seems WC vendors only like to focus on mid to high-end cards.
At least last time I checked....
That being the case, there is single-slot WC solution's for the GTX 560 Ti, which makes it even more compelling!

So just wondering what everyone reckons I should go far.
Are you aware of cooling solution's for the 430/520 that I'm not aware of?
Perhaps you feel the 520 is as good as the 430 for gaming, & equal or better for VA?
Everything I've read about the two suggests otherwise...
Based on what I've read/know, I'm leaning mostly towards GTX560Ti.
I read about the GTX560, it doesn't seem like a compelling buy (yet) when carefully compared to the Ti.

*I'm a very light PC gamer, but when I do play, I want the option of playing the most recent/demanding games.
**not so sure about 520, haven't bothered investigating heavily because it's gaming is poorer than 430 (which is already avg).
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