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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
What exactly do you mean by "add the third one"? You mean adding
another LCD? To my knowledge the Quadro 4000 has only two display
Please check "man nvidia-settings" for details (it has been a while
since the last time I changed those settings manually, so I can't tell
the magic spell from the top of my head).
Right, I meant 3 LCD displays. Ahhh, ok I have to recheck I had the impression
you could add 3 displays to this card. thanks for pointer.

Yep, I will do that. I will check the man page. I had the impression such
options are only available via VBIOS of the card (download the firmware,
change settings, write back the firmware...) I never tried something like
this anyway

Many thanks for help,
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