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Default Re: Sudden Internet problems

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
I just moved, and got re-hooked up with Comcast, everything else in my system is the exact same as I just unpacked it from boxes 2 days ago, but now when I go browsing around the internet, after I open 3 or 4 tabs, it's seems like the internet stops transfering info and basically locks up - never did this before... I have no clue how to fix this, any ideas?

Running Windows 7, using IE explorer 8...


are there any routers hooked up or just a cable modem?
first, when you hook the modem up, make sure there are no spliters, go directly into the wall cable. Then, check to reset your cable modem to factory defaults, sometimes with these toy modems, the firmware gets corrupted in transit. change out your ethernet cables. after all of that has been eleminated. now check your system.
do a ping to a well known website, like, if that doesnt work scan fpor viruses. if not call comcast to cycle the modem...
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