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Unhappy i know what you mean...

my kyroII also worked fine with the vesa frame buffer, but the GF4mx440 agp8x (aka nv18) doesnt support any higher resolutions.. i worked very hard on this problem, because i realy love workin in the text console.. i think the problem on my card is that the tv-out is always enabled. this causes problems with the bios, because every bootloader reads out the resolutions which are supported by the card from the bios at boottime.

btw pls try the command:
lilo -T video

i get this back:

VGA/VESA adapter

640x350x16 mode 0x0010
640x480x16 mode 0x0012

320x200x256 mode 0x0013
640x480x256 mode 0x0101
800x600x256 mode 0x0103

Enable Screen Refresh bug is present.

strange is that i cannot find anything about this bug in google! i never had such a problem which wasnt found in google!

the problem is that there are no fb support from nvidia. they do not give any source codes to the developpers of linux .. so they cannot create an fb for nvidia (in my opinion: this sux a bit :P )
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