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Smile Really Fast Graphics

I do have a question. But, let's get to a BIG thanks to all the great posting on these Linux threads. Being very new to Linux, I loaded SuSE 9 (from the DVD, problems with the cd's) on a 875P mobo,Ti4600,TDKr/wDvD,Samsung 955, but with ACPI disabled. With your great posting, I was able to install and viEdit the new Nvidia 3d driver. This Graphical Puppy is FAST, maybe too fast. When I shut-down, POOF.... I come out of X(super fast) and the screen goes black as if the monitor turns off, but my system doesn't turn off... this only started after I installed the 4496-driver. Prior to this SuSE worked flawlessly( but in 2D). My question: Since I could only install without ACPI support and the 3d driver working in hyper-speed, ..... Does this problem hide in the lack of ACPI support or is it something like a trivial newby bump, that we all have to go through..?
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