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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

Originally Posted by sparvu View Post
Right, I meant 3 LCD displays. Ahhh, ok I have to recheck I had the impression you could add 3 displays to this card. thanks for pointer.
I'm pretty sure that you can only use two out of three outputs at a time.
If you intend to use three LCDs, then you can either add another Q4000
and use SLI Mosaic, or depending on the LCD resolutions, you could
use a TH2G:
(lengthy reads but includes plenty of information)

Originally Posted by sparvu View Post
Yep, I will do that. I will check the man page. I had the impression such
options are only available via VBIOS of the card (download the firmware,
change settings, write back the firmware...) I never tried something like
this anyway
It's not that tricky but takes some tweaks, nevertheless:


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