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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

After playing a while, I can say I love some parts of the game, like the quest system, the crafting, the upgrading system, the story as it is so far (still on chapter 1), and the graphics of course. Still I think they completely downgraded the GUI and the combat system and I am not liking those parts much.

I really loved the old combat system so this new one is not sitting well with me. It seems that mouse timing click thing is gone, stances gone, so it is just a plain old mouse click spamming. Add that to the fact that I am stuck in this battle

at the I think end of chapter 1 fighting Letho and for the past 90 minutes I can basically only hit him once dodge run away, over and over, and can't seem to get past this point; except the one time where I triggered the cutscene but he cast a fire spell on me right before it triggered, so after the scene I dropped dead and have do it over again . In the old system you could at least try to get a combo going, it doesn't seem possible in this battle I am on.

So, I am beginning to hate the combat system. Also the QTE system is not hard for the few I have done, but they are hard to see. It's a very small indicator on my 1920x1200 screen and amber in color and I really have a hard time noticing when a QTE starts.

When fighting the Kayran I died 2x after chopping off 4 of it's legs cause a QTE started but I didn't notice the amber colored press right mouse button indicator.

The GUI seems much worse than the original Witcher 1. Console-ish as if they are planning to port the game to consoles at some point. For example the quick meditate menus. If you are in that meditate kneeling mode, you can't access your inventory. This screen is like it was made for consoles. You can access only 4 modes and they are arranged on screen as if it were ready for a controller Up Down Left and Right. So if you are brewing potions, and just want to look how many of these potions you have in your inventory you can't. You have to exit meditate mode then go to inventory. The alchemy GUI is horrible. At first you think it's good cause it auto picks the ingredients for what you are brewing, but that is the biggest problem with it. If you use alternatives to the auto picked ingredients, it lets you, but once you make the potion it resets to the auto-picked ingredients again. And you can only make 1 at a time so if you want to make several using customized ingredients, it takes forever. The save/load system is functional but missing basic things like deleting old save files and no overwrite capability with the exception of the one quick save "F5" button that overwrites the one set file all the time.

Still overall I think it's the best RPG game of the year so far. Better than DA2 for certain.

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