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Default Re: GT 430/520 or GTX 560 Ti?

These are the prior Qns/statements I've not yet had direct responses to:

The 560 would be just a power efficient as the 520, when only being used for VA right?

Finally, despite being lower power, cards like the 430 don't seem to be available in truly single-slot form-factors, even w/after-market air or water cooling solutions!
That was the last time I checked, admittedly it has been a few months now...

I'd prefer a single-slot WC solution over a single-slot air cooling one, but it seems WC vendors only like to focus on mid to high-end cards.
At least last time I checked....

(4) <--same as (2) really
Are you aware of cooling solution's for the 430/520 that I'm not aware of?

Perhaps you feel the 520 is as good as the 430 for gaming, & equal or better for VA?

Assuming I do eventually get a truly HD 42" screen (maybe slightly smaller)
I assume your suggestion would be an unequivocal: GTX 560/Ti?

Last time I looked closely at TV display technologies (admittedly some time ago)...
Plasma was a favourite amongst some videophiles for it's qualities, power consumption was not one of those qualities.

I was not aware Plasma is still limited to non-HD resolutions, are you sure?
I'm surprised by that & if it's true, then I guess I'll have to rule-it-out as the basis for my next screen?!

Is a 200-400Hz OLED/3d LCD inferior or equal to a Plasma in some ways, or is it better in every single way?

Do you know of any excellent/in-depth comparative analysis between the two (& other) display techs?

Any suggestions for specific makes/models? (I love what Samsung's been doing in recent years)
I'd prefer to stay @42", but if that means cost is going be much more than $1k (in order to maintain best IQ), then I'm prepared to go sub-42".

Answers or thoughts on any are very much appreciated, thank-you!
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