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Default stereo 3D questions

I'm setting up some projection VR systems, and have a couple questions. Currently I'm using passive polarized projection with two projectors, and a QuadroFX set in Twinview Clone Stereo Mode (mode 4).

1. Is that quad-buffered stereo method only available on Quadro cards? If I want to use a similar setup on a GeForce card do I have to use the lower-level method of manually rendering the two viewpoints?

2. If I want to do two walls, say, can I just put in two GPU's, attach two projectors to each, and put them both in clone stereo mode?

3. Now, on active stereo (I'm looking at the Lightspeed DepthQ projector, for example), is there any real difference between the Nvidia 3D Vision system and the shutterglasses that have been around for decades, other than the fact that it can now use an emitter attached to the USB port instead of the 3-pin DIN jack on the card?

4. For active stereo, can you attach two stereo displays (like two of the above projectors) to the two heads on the GPU?

5. I've heard that I need something called a "Genlocked Quadro." back in the day I remember genlock being a box that all your VCR's attach to for editing and mixing with the Amiga Video Toaster Is this nowadays just a feature of specific cards, or an external device?

6. extending (4), if I have two GPU's with two heads each, does that mean I can has 4-wall CAVE?
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