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Default Re: GT 430/520 or GTX 560 Ti?

1) Yes.

2) It's not a question it's a statement.

3) You can install WC on pretty much any GeForce GPU. However cards like GT520 can go fine with a passive cooling.

4) Google is your best friend.

5) Again google for their results. The best sites with benchmarks are and

6) Yes.

7) LED powered displays nowadays are the preferred solution - they have excellent contrast ratios and only 10-25% power consumption of plasma displays.

8) I actively discourage you from buying Plasma. Plasma display come in Full HD resolutions as well.

9) I'm in favour for LED displays, OLED is nowhere near affordable and available.

10) Google is your best friend. I simply don't have enough experience.

11) No idea, but Samsung displays are known for their superior quality. My parents own a Samsung TV set, alas it's an old LCD display but I love it.

BTW if 44dB under load is not too loud for you, have a look at Sparkle Calibre X560.
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