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Default Re: GT 430/520 or GTX 560 Ti?

Originally Posted by artem View Post
2) It's not a question it's a statement.
Which is why I said in my last post...
These are the prior Qns/statements I've not yet had direct responses to:

Despite being lower-end, the 430 doesn't seem to be available in truly single-slot form-factors.
Even with after-market air or water cooling solutions!
That was the last time I checked, admittedly it has been a few months now.

Any experience/knowledge in this area?

3) You can install WC on pretty much any GeForce GPU.
But it seems WC vendors only like to focus on mid to high-end cards.
At least last time I checked....
Do you know otherwise?

5) Again google for their results. The best sites with benchmarks are and
I already have, which is why I made the claims I did in my OP WRT 520 Vs 430.
I'm just waning to see if others agree, based on what they've read.

8) I actively discourage you from buying Plasma. Plasma display come in Full HD resolutions as well.
Don't plasmas still have some attributes, which make them good for certain uses?
I will focus more on LED's though...

9) I'm in favour for LED displays, OLED is nowhere near affordable and available.
200-400Hz OLED LCD = 200-400Hz LED LCD, but yes I'll focus on LED's, thanks!

BTW if 44dB under load is not too loud for you, have a look at Sparkle Calibre X560.
I don't mind how good/bad the cooling system is that comes w/a 560 Ti, as it'll be added to my loop.
Cheapest one I can find (so long as it's not worse than the reference design) is all that matters I imagine.

Different matter for the GT430, as I don't believe there's any WB's for them.
So the single-slot air cooling that comes with it, would have to be excellent.
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