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Default Re: Who is getting the Asus EEE Transformer?

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
Acer must be wondering what they did wrong. It has HoneyComb, 10.2" tft screen, almost same weight as the Asus, more ports than Asus, better build than Asus, same Tegra2 and what not. And reviews have been decent too.I think if they had sold it for 399 instead of 449, it would have received a lot more attention
I'm under the impression that Asus is just a better known brand than Acer, and the ips screen is a bit of a selling point. However from all the posts on different boards (as no sales numbers are availible) it seems as though the Acer is holding it's own against Asus. That being said without sales numbers, who really knows. Personally, I don't want a tablet with a keyboard. If I had wanted a tablet with a keyboard I likely would have got a netbook instead. Eitherway, pretty much all the honeycomb tablets are near identical, and even honeycomb with it's minor issues is quite nice. After having my acer for two weeks now, I'm still very happy with the purchase.
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