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Originally Posted by ATi View Post
I accepted all the notices on the notice board in Flotsam. However they're not all in my journal. I did see that one of them was the Troll Trouble quest notice, but it didn't appear in my journal either. Are their some notices that don't give quest?
Hmm, I had no issues with the quests. After I accepted them they were in my journal. Though the Troll Trouble one there was a kind of delay. I looked it wasn't there, so I thought maybe it didn't install right, but after I walk around it suddenly popped up that a new quest was added to the journal.

Whats this with invert mouse? I can understand it maybe in a flight same game but in a third person game.. that makes no sense..
For you maybe for a lot of people, invert mouse is essential. I have played flight sims since the Commodore 64 days, so that is how I like it and don't want to change. I have before gotten use to "normal" Y axis type settings, and it just feels unnatural. And BTW it makes perfect sense cause like an airplane you are staring out to a monitor like looking out through the windshield of a plane and I am controlling the viewport like I was controlling a plane.

crap invert mouse....lame ass devs
The game is definitely great. There is a temporary config setting you can do to invert mouse for now, and this coming week they will officially patch it to be in the game menu. That is quick for a AAA game. Usually with larger companies, they take weeks of user complaints to issue a patch for things like these.

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