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Default Latest Beta Breaks MythTV

I have never had an issue with nvidia drivers breaking mythtv.

The beta driver was working fine for me in all my applications, save one MythTV

I could watch TV, record, watch recordings, but then some strange things occured, I couldn't burn DVD's in mytharchive, it claimed it could find the video stream information. It seemed strange, but didn't think it would be a driver issue, then mythfilldatabse wouldn't run, certainly I never thought it would be related to nvidia, than I started having problems with vlc playing files that had been recorded since the driver install.

I thought about any recent changes to my system, and there had been none except installing the beta driver. I figured that couldn't be it, but simple enough to revert to the stable driver, so re-installed the stable driver and all is working well now.

Not sure what kind of information I could possibly provide as I won't re-install the beta, and the driver worked with everything else.
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