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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by Sidric View Post
I've gotten really good at the combat now . . . it was really daunting to learn initially, but once you figure it out you're a total badass. just learn to use your signs (defensive, offensive, crowd-control) as well as your bombs and traps, and learn when to dodge or parry. I won't get into too much detail (believe me, I could) but suffice it to say the combat in this game is incredibly deep.

as for the other aspects, game is absolutely gorgeous. haven't run into any issues stability/performance wise. story/writing/voiceacting are all top-notch so far. cdproject really brought their A game with this one.

Bioware/EA, take notes. THIS is how you do an RPG properly.
Yeah, I've been playing this for a short time and it's got quality all round and truely a PC worthy game. Just shows you what the PC can do and not some lame over processed blurry crap with low quality textures and detail.
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