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Question Switching between MultiGPU and TwinView


I have a 7950 GX2 which has two GPUs and I'm running a TwinView configuration. I understand that one can't enable both the Multi-GPU feature and TwinView simultaneously.

However I'd like to modify my Doom3 launch script to automate switching between these two configurations. (E.g., disable twinview, enable multi-gpu, run doom3, then reverse the options after doom3 exits.)

If I understand correctly, changing TwinView or Multi-GPU requires an X restart (feeling queasy here) to reload the xorg.conf. Does anyone know a way to do this without logging out of a session? Doesn't the nvidia-settings GUI restart X when TwinView changes are applied (seems to require elevated privileges)?

Or... does anyone have a better way of doing this (switching between desktop / gaming configurations)?

Thanks for any advice.


PS: For the 7950 GX2... the correct option to turn on would be MultiGPU -- not SLI -- right?
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