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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

A very nice game. It has been a long time since I played a game like this. Unfortunately I won't be able to go deeper into this for a while but I'm really impressed so far.

Graphics are awesome, and I really like the Ubersampling option. My GTX 560 Ti does struggle with it at 1280x1024, but runs really fluid without it. I have to upgrade my drivers (Still on 260.44) but I'm a bit worried as it wasn't always a smooth process in the past. I'll wait until I've finished my (study) project at my computer before I try this.

Now playing the game at 1152x864 with Ubersampling for the time being, it feels a lot smoother now and still really amazing. It really makes me wish I have more free time, as I definitely want to get into it.
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