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Default Re: Latest Beta Breaks MythTV

Well I didn't say MythTV was without problems.

I guess people simply can't come here and say hey, I installed a driver and it broke an application that I Depend upon heavily, without someone claiming the app is the problem and nvidia has nothing to do with it.

I am an avid nvidia user, and avid Linux user for about 13 years now. I will remain avid about using both for many more years to come.

I simply came here to give a heads up that there was a problem with the latest beta driver.

I won't re-install it because the machine it is used on acts as a database/mythtv/zoneminder frontend for numerous computers in my house. unfortunately I won't be able to provide any "useful" logs, because I can't have the backend down.

Maybe someone else who runs into the issue can afford the down time will find the thread, and be able to submit some bug reports.
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