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Default Blank Screen on Debian Linux

Hi, from some months ago I can not use Nvidia driver on my Debian Linux wheezy. I even try with "debian nvidia packages", but I doesn't work too.

When I try to use nvidia driver, I only get a blank screen and I can not do any with system. No ssh, no way to kill X or change to another TTY. X seems to start but a few (2-5) seconds after system hang. HDD led stop to blink and I have to press reset. If enter in normal way, again blank screen so I must enter in recovery mode, or enter with another kernel version (as nvidia driver is not compiled with this kernel version, it's fail, and I can remove xorg.conf file and try to restart without nvidia driver).

I have Linux Debian wheezy, AMD64. I try with somes NVIDIA drivers version and with different linux kernel version (I don't use to remove old nvidia installers and old kernel version, and trying with old version that I know works fine some month ago, now fails too)

I thinks I have some problem like this topic, but he had not response:

How can I get a log to report here?, after blank screen I must reboot with another kernel, but this cause a different X log (nv driver is not compiled for this kernel version).


I know if is a strange problem, and I'm sure is not a nvidia problem surely another package is causing this problem, but I don't know where to ask for help if not here.

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