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Default WinPE/BartPE...

Sooo... it's been a while since I've messed with this but am looking to start using it again.

At my old job we used the UBCD for virus removals, p.word recovery/resets, and other such services. At my current job we have our own in-house software based off of BartPE for the exact same purposes.

I'd like to have my own disc for the exact same usage. However, it seems BartPE is lacking in current and up-to-date support (adding virus removal tools to the disc, other tools), and I've never used WinPE.

Firstly, I'd like ya'lls opinion- BartPE vs. WinPE?

Secondly, I'd much appreciate it if ya'll could help me get a disc setup. Ultimately I'd like a disc that has multiple virus removal tools (AVG, AVAST, MBAM, etc), p.word recovery/removal tools, file manager for data backup/transfer/retrieval, hardware diagnostic tools (memtest, Prime95, HDDTune, etc), registry editor, etc.

I'm wondering which is better suited for these tasks- BartPE or WinPE? Also, would you guys be willing to at least point me in the direction of how to create a current disk with either? It seems, from what I've been reading, that WinPE can do all of this and more in a current and updated Win7 GUI... is that correct?

Thanks again ya'll. I seldom do any repair/troubleshooting out side of work as if I do it outside of work it's done for free and thus only for really close friends and family members. However, my frequency of doing this seems to be increasing so I'd like to "update" my toolkit.

Thanks ya'll!
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