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9.1 / 10 "Editor's Choice Award" - OXM
5 Stars - Stuff Magazine
9 / 10 -
4 Out of 5 Stars -
9.5 / 10 - PC Score - Game Informer
9 / 10 - XBOX Score - Game Informer
Then you have Stuff Magazine.... sounds professional

You also included a XBOX score for some reason when this is about the PC version. So in short yes, those sites suck because if they cannot plainly see what is wrong with this game then they should not label themselves as a review site, more of a sell out corporate *****dom lab where the highest bidder gets 5 of our shiny stars.

Edit: Personally I will go with the view of the consumers who actually pay for the game, real gamers will tell the truth about it whereas IGN and Gamespy can't look past their latest check.
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