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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America Under Siege teaser trailer

not that i want to advertise for cod but,

nfinity Ward, the studio behind Call of Duty and Modern Warfare, is leaving its previously used game engine technology behind for Modern Warfare 3. Will that put an end to cracks about the developer using Quake III Arena-era tech?

While those digs against Infinity Ward may have been unfair and inaccurate—its in-house IW Engine has been regularly updated and refined over the years—the next Call of Duty game appears to leave its id Tech 3 legacy behind.

"We haven't gone into detail on the engine yet but we've moved beyond the [Modern Warfare 2] engine and added a lot of cool stuff for [Modern Warfare 3]," writes Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling on Twitter.

We'll see what that looks like tonight, when Activision and Infinity Ward release Modern Warfare 3's first gameplay trailer.
we'll see what this means
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