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Originally posted by Sotos
It is strange to hear so much "bad words" about these game in a forum like these in here...
Why? If the game is bad it's kind of what I expect to hear.

I have been to as i said and there are people that do not complain at all and they reccomended it it as one of the best games available to buy
Yeah, but there are people there who don't like it too....and R3D tends to attract a lot of 'special' posters who don't have opinions so much as they parrot gamespy/IGN etc.

There are several review sites also (more than 1 or 2 actualy) that say these game is very good (both in Xbox and PC) and it will become better with patches in the Pc version
Yup, and the FX was awarded best GPU of 2003....

Seriously, most of the gaming sites are too much indebted to the gaming companies to say ANYTHING bad about the big game titles...and if DE:IW has one thing going for it is it's title.


9.1 / 10 "Editor's Choice Award" - OXM
5 Stars - Stuff Magazine
9 / 10 -
4 Out of 5 Stars -
9.5 / 10 - PC Score - Game Informer
9 / 10 - XBOX Score - Game Informer

Scary thing? Of the sites I recognize I consider them a bit less than fluff sites, the other ones I can tell by their scores.

I shouldn't harsh on the game so much when I haven't even it yet, but it's looking pretty bleak from all the forum info I've been getting and I tend to trust forum info more than sites that make their money off of game advertising.
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