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Default Re: Zotac GeForce GTX 460 3dp in triple head setup

Originally Posted by frispete View Post
combined with the driver update, it does exactly what I wanted to archive.
Success reports are always nice to read :-)

BTW.: while examine your Xorg.0.log for trying to understand why you can run more
than two LCDs off one GPU (highly uncommon for nvidia based products), I figured
out that it seems that your card has a video splitter (similar to the TH2G) on board
and you could probably even add another 1920x1200 LCD:

That's the reason why the "asymmetric" TH2G xorg configuration (that served
for me for a couple of years) works with your card as well (for details, please

Anyway, good to know that the Zotac GTX460 3DP can server as an reasonably
priced basis for a triple head setup without the need for an additional TH2G (which
is more expensive than the whole graphics card).

Can you please post your final xorg.conf as a reference? Or even better, can you
please post a mini-article on your experiences and setup details? TIA!


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