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Default TV-OUT works but how to change/set desktop size..

Hello peepz,

Here's my situation:
Got a brand new storage server..
Got a nice NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with 8X AGP with TV-OUT..
Got a 17" Samsung SyncMaster LCD..
Got a bigass TV..
Got FreeBSD 4.9..
Got the latest FreeBSD NVIDIA driver..
Got the TV-OUT working with the TwinView Clone option..
Got 2 Metamodes: "1280x1024,NULL; 832x624,800x600"

Here's my problem:
X starts with the 1280x1024 resolution (LCD 1280x1024, TV disabled)
I press "Control-Alt -" (LCD 832x624, TV 800x600)

My desktop appears on my LCD and TV with the proper LCD and TV resolutions but the desktop resolution (virtual) is still 1280x1024..
Obviously a 1280x1024 desktop doesn't fit in a 800x600 resolution so I only see a small part of my desktop..

How can I fix this so that when I switch LCD/TV resolutions my desktop resolution (virtual) switches accordingly aswell?

Thanx in ahead..

Best regards,

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