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Default Re: WD 2TB Black Question

Originally Posted by lduguay View Post
The reliability is decent, better than Hitachis and some Seagates.

The WD Black 2TB - WD2001FASS noise is 29 dBA idle, 34dbA seeking (slight grinding noise)
Not too loud in a typical rig, unless you want to use it for an HTPC. The Green version is quieter, but generally slightly less reliable and obviously slower
Thanks. I have a Samsung HD204UI as a secondary drive and it's very quiet. I've read the specs on the WD 2TB Black but thought I'd get some personal opinions if possible. I've got a very quiet computer and I like it that way, but a little seeking noise might not be that bad to get better performance in a 2TB drive. Do you have any thoughts about the Samsung HD204UI vs the WD TB Black for a boot drive?
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