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Default Re: Attention audio listeners. (especially HDMI audio users)

Originally Posted by technoid View Post
This requires .NET framework version 4 to be installed.

I'm curious, does what you create this with have the option to build it for .NET framework 3 or does it require 4? Most everyone already has .NET 3 on their system but many have not upgraded to 4. Including me of course.
Honestly I don't really know, I'm not an expert with visual studio by any stretch, just experienced with C and recently learned C# as part of my degree program (that and my school just gave me a copy of visual studio pro for free.) Coincidentally, hooking into the kernel API is trivial with C# compared to regular C, hence my decision to use it. I don't even really know much about the .NET framework at all; C# doesn't really require you to. I'll play around with the build options later and see if I can find anything interesting though.
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