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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

Originally Posted by Roliath View Post
I wonder how bad this game will get pirated.
Proboably very much or... not.
It depends from the perspective view.
Some people are preordering it already and going to buy it no matter how it will be, becouse theyve waited soo long and have enormous nostalgia feeling.

And other people who are not belivers might just pirate it becouse they will be unsure ..."Yeah righ. I will download it becouse it proboably sucks", but againg. If game will be good, some of them might actually postpirating buy it for the sake of duke, or if it will be just good.

Also demo isnt avaible for the public. It will be avaible in a week time for FAC members ONLY.

I myself, Have preordered balls of Steel Limited edition back in march and Cant wait. DN3d was my first game back in 1997. Since then I was waiting all the time. I am not often getting games without seeing reviews and I never preorders a game.

As for now, It looks like Pure fun Duke Nukem game. Gameplay, aliens and babes! After all. All that matters is gameplay and atmosphere right? And I belive it will be awesome. Graphics will proboably be at most good, but thats ok with me.

Demo in a week! HAIL TO THE KING!
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