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Moving the camera with the right analog stick is almost exactly the same as using the mouse in this game, there is no sluggishness like with console games. Using the left analog stick to move is far better than using WASD, and running/walking, fighting, rolling, blocking, spell casting are all far more intuitive with the controller.

CD Projekt accomplished with the Witcher 2 what Bioware couldn't manage with Dragon Age 2. They streamlined the game, made it accessible for console gamers, and managed to keep PC gamers happy at the same time. The only thing that CD Projekt will have to change for the 360 version will be the graphics.
See I don't get that statement, they both changed and lowered the combat in their respective games while offering choices for both of the games story lines (while the Witchers is more dramatic) I don't see why Dragon Age 2 got such an outcry yet Witcher didn't at all. I mean if anything The Witcher saw a more dramatic "consolization" then Dragon Age did since the combat was significantly toned down as was the need for alchemy.
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