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Originally Posted by CoSWill View Post
I wouldn't say that the 570 is the worst card ever, because I remember problems with the 5800's and my 4600ti had terrible artifacting until I adjusted the aperature settings in the bios.
That is different, because manufacturers didn't really follow AGP standards properly. Remember ATI cards having trouble with fast writes? On NVIDIA fast writes worked all right (and even increased performance) but enabling sideband addressing had the opportunity of making things go bad. Also, on some motherboards that had chipset from VIA (for example KT800), it was possible that you would see black triangles flashing on some games. Having a motherboard with different chipset (like nforce) pretty much got rid of the problem. I mostly saw this problem with chipsets supporting AGP 8x (or 3.0 if you will). The day I got myself a motherboard that had new enough chipset to support PCI-express, I was a happy man, and I've been that ever since. I haven't seen a single problem with PCI-E graphics cards that has been PCI-E related.
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